Abbeydorney Village, Tralee, Co. Kerry
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Abbeydorney totalhealth Pharmacy, Tralee

Abbeydorney totalhealth Pharmacy is a family owned and run community pharmacy in Abbeydorney Co. Kerry- The pharmacy was opened by Molly Slattery over 12 years ago.

Since the day the pharmacy opened, Molly and her staff have believed that talking to your customers and getting to know them is key to a successful community pharmacy, making it a warm and friendly place to visit. It is not unusual to see neighbours meet in the pharmacy and sit for a chat with each other and the staff. Adjacent to the local Post Office at times the pharmacy is the heart of the village.

Molly decided to join the totalhealth Group in July 2018. totalhealth is a group of over 70 independently owned pharmacies that came together to bring extra services and great value to their customers. Abbeydorney totalhealth Pharmacy is now offering an expanded range of services including blister medication packing, free delivery service, blood pressure testing, diabetes advice, medicines review, weight management and BMI check, emergency contraception, fitting compression/support stockings, smoking cessation and ostomy supply.


"With two pharmacists and a pharmacy technician on duty during the week, there is always someone available to talk and advise."

We now offer an online shopping facility which comes hand in hand with our high standards of customer care and we will ensure that your desired product reaches you in a fast and efficient manner.

Call us on 066 7198870 to learn more about our expanding range of clinical services and products. Our professional and friendly staff are always there to help.

Abbeydorney totalhealth Pharmacy, with its welcoming atmosphere and professional, friendly staff is an integral part of the life of Abbeydorney

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